Stewart Gold

Education and training (EDU) as well as support of the main office

Stewart Gold

For me, shaping care means shaping life. Tackling challenges - daring to do something new - achieving improvements.

Stewart Gold is a research associate at the State Competence Centre Digital Care Baden-Württemberg and part of the LebenPhasenHaus team at the University of Tübingen.

He has been working on social science research issues for more than 22 years now. In various research and application projects, he has worked and continues to work with a wide variety of teams at and with the University of Tübingen, international, regional and local partners on exciting topics and challenges. Research questions related to topics around health, care and age(ing), digitalisation and innovation, social exchange and participation are fascinating and interesting complexes of topics that he enjoys tackling together with the team of the State Competence Centre.

In addition, his further research interests focus on (international) comparative welfare states (especially Central and Eastern Europe), policy field analysis of economic, labour and social policy (e.g. demographic change, industrial relations, work 4.0) as well as questions of democracy and participation research.

The wide range of interests and research areas combines a central concern – the merging of research and practice towards a productive application.