Boosting care

Facilitating digital assistance for improved organisation and management in care

Already today, organisational aspects of care as well as service provision and documentation are supported and simplified by digital technologies. Further digitalisation promises improvements in these areas. It can be expected that for instance intelligent organisation and planning systems will increasingly help to make operational nursing practices more transparent, more efficiently controlled, and ultimately free up more resources for direct human contact.

Among other things, it is conceivable that performance documentation could be implemented through voice input or intelligent, computer-aided recognition. This is a process that is still carried out manually in many places, tying up valuable personnel and time resources. Digital developments are also conceivable in the area of scheduling. In addition to the aspects mentioned, the potential of digitalisation also relates to transition in care, such as for example, when a person moves from outpatient to inpatient care. Internal quality management can also benefit from digital support.

Potential funding

Projects and stakeholders that are dedicated to expanding and improving existing digital applications, for instance, or linking systems and networks are therefore eligible for potential funding. According project proposals should be oriented toward the aforementioned aspects in an exemplary manner and demonstrate a high degree of practical relevance. As mentioned above, one focus for the funding of projects is on the transferability into care practice.

Zahlen & Daten

90 %of surveyed People in Germany no longer want to do without the benefits of digitisation (BITKOM 2021)

53 %of surveyed People in Germany want to participate more in digital life, but are not familiar enough with the corresponding technologies (BITKOM 2021)

24 %of surveyed People in Germany often do not dare to use devices such as smartphones or computers - for fear of doing something wrong (BITKOM 2021)

Source: BITKOM 2021