Welcome to our website of Pflege Digital Baden-Württemberg

Our real name is: State Competence Center Digital Care Baden-Württemberg.

We advise and support people who care for others. We show what new technologies and digital aids are available. So that care becomes better and easier.

On this website you will find important information in easy language. Many people understand easy language better.
The font is large. Difficult words are explained. Easy language is an additional offer. Everyone should be able to understand the information provided by Pflege Digital Baden-Württemberg. That is why we have made this website in easy language.

What does Pflege Digital Baden-Württemberg do?

We advise and support people who care for others. We show what new technologies and digital aids are available. Digitization means that many things only work with computers. Or with electronic devices that are networked with each other. This website is also a digital offering. Digitalization is changing many processes

  • in the organisation of care
  • in communication between different devices
  • in communication between people This offers great opportunities.
Großer Stuhlkreis mit fröhlichen Menschen, eine Frau steht in der Mitte
A woman speaking in front of other people

People become better informed. Doctors and nurses also know more. And can work better as a result. That can also save money. But it can also be difficult.
Some people need new computers and new technology.
Some people need to change the way they work together.
Some people need to reorganise their work. They need to learn. This also affects employers. Many need support in this. They need advice. That’s what we do. We want to help make care better and easier. We are doing this together with all the people who work in care in Baden-Württemberg. We are showing examples of people who have already started digitalizing care. Other people can learn from them, so we can learn together. We are supported in this by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs. With money, too. We started our work in the fall of 2020.

How does this website work?

The website is called “pflegedigital-bw.de”.
BW is an abbreviation.
It stands for Baden-Württemberg.

Logo von PflegeDigital - BW

The landing page

There is a white bar on the landing page.

Fields of action
here is written what we do

about us

here we introduce ourselves.
Here you can also find photos of us.


here you can find examples and consulting offers.
Here you can also join in and participate.
For example with ideas and wishes.
Or with questions.

Further information

here you will find

more information and advice,
Current news and events
Here you will also find changing contents
on subsidies
on offers of help from politics
important news about care


Internal area

this information is specially protected. Because they are confidential. This is only for the staff.


What we do

Here are 4 sentences:

Strengthen care

Here we show examples of how digitalisation helps in the organisation.


So that people know more and can participate.
Then people can participate in these developments.
At work and in their private lives.

Intelligent advice

This is where people can get advice. Here, people learn how they can use digitization to care for others.

New care

Here people can read how digitization supports the care of people.
Examples for the future are also shown.
If you click on a field of action, subpages open. You’ll find more information there.

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Pictures that show our fields of action

If you click on a heading, you will also get more information.


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Easy language

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By clicking you will get to a form. Here you can send a message. If you have questions about “Care and digitalization”.

The white bar

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At the bottom of the page is the logo of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration Baden-Württemberg.
In easy language this means: Social Ministry Baden-Württemberg.
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